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Protect Your Computer from Harmful Adware

Not all adware is bad. In exchange for putting up with some advertising, you receive computer programs that are useful to you either free or at a greatly reduced price. The integration of advertising allows the software developer to recoup costs and offer you a bargain.

Many popular programs, such as WeatherBug, Daemon Tools, and WinFixer are distributed as adware. Sometimes you will receive a free trial of the product that includes advertisements, with the option of purchasing a licensed copy if you like the software. The full-use versions have all of the user enhancements activated and do not contain any advertisements.

Adware as a Delivery Method for Spyware

While there are many legitimate shareware programs out there, with innocuous advertising included in the programming, there are many that will deliver spyware, viruses, or other harmful programs to your computer. When you allow the adware program to access your computer, it also has the ability to infect it. Once these programs are installed on your computer, they not only can steal your personal information, but they can be incredibly difficult to detect and remove.

Adding the use of a reliable spyware detection and removal program, such as Paretologic’s XoftSpyXE, is necessary to offer you the maximum amount of protection. In a very short period of time, this program can detect any spyware that has been installed on your hard drive, remove it, and restore your computer to optimal functionality quickly and easily.

How to Tell if Your Computer is Infected

The scary thing about adware and spyware is that your computer may behave normally, leaving you with no idea that someone else is digging into your hard drive and retrieving your personal information. They may track which websites you visit, or go as far as stealing bank account information, your name, or your social security number. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing financial crimes, and much of it is being committed through the use of spyware.

You may notice your computer running much more slowly than normal, you may be bombarded by pop-ups, or you may notice your modem working when you are not even on your computer. Your home page may be hijacked, or you may be automatically directed to websites you have no reason and no desire to visit.

Paretologic’s XoftSpyXE, Spyware doctor or Spysweeper can provide protection for your computer against 1,000's of different types of security threats. In just a matter of minutes, it will detect and remove any harmful software lurking on your hard drive, providing you with the ultimate in protection and peace of mind.

Adware is Just Another Parasite

So many adware programs are disguising spyware programs. They are essentially just another parasite designed to detect personal details about you. They could be tracking every single keystroke you make, without any knowledge on your part. Standard anti-virus and firewall programs just are not enough protection these days, as the programming becomes increasingly advanced. Utilize a good anti-spyware detection and removal program on your computer which are not only highly effective, but simple to use as well. After all, you never know who might be watching you.