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Anti-Phishing Software Protects Your Identity

As Internet phishing scams become more and more advanced, it becomes increasingly difficult to detect a scam from legitimate e-mail. Since e-mail has become the primary vehicle for phishing attacks, it is important not only to recognize potential signs of phishing scams, but also to know how to protect yourself so you do not fall victim to these Internet criminals.

Be Wary of Your e-Mail

E-mail is the primary vehicle used to deliver viruses, Trojan horses, all varieties of malware, and phishing scams. They will come in disguise as a legitimate business, such as one of your financial institutions or an Internet shopping site. The newest scam artists parade around imitating IRS agents.

These criminals will tell you there is a problem with your account, they need to update or verify your personal information, or tell you they want to confirm a recent purchase you made. They will ask you to provide them with information such as your user name, password, answer to your security question, PIN number, or account number.

Many of these phishing scams will provide a URL link for you to click on. They will very closely resemble the legitimate URL address, with only minor variations that instead lead you to the Internet phisher’s web site. It is on their site they will ask you to enter your sensitive financial and personal information.

Beware of any e-mail asking you to provide personal information. Always verify the source of the e-mail, and if necessary, contact your financial institution personally prior to entering any information to verify the validity of the request.

In addition, utilize comprehensive anti-spyware software on your computer, such as those offered by ParetoLogic. They utilize the most advanced anti phishing scanning technology on the market, and can help neutralize harmful e-mails before they ever reach your inbox.

A Word of Warning to Job Seekers

It has become increasingly common for Internet phishers to target people whose information is posted on employment sites such as Monster.com. Internet phishers will pretend to be interested employers and ask for your personal identifying information, such as your date of birth and social security number. Take the time to verify the identity of anyone who asks you for any personal information.

How They Use Your Information

There are a number of ways Internet phishing scams put your personal information to use. They may take over your bank accounts or credit card accounts, racking up huge charges or draining you of your money. In the process, you may become locked out of your account.

Internet phishing scams also use your personal information to open up bank accounts in your name, using your credit information. These criminals then go on huge spending sprees and rack up thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars in debt, all in your name.

In addition to ensuring you verify every instance when you are asked for your personal information, be sure to protect your computer with anti-spam or anti - spyware software such as ParetoLogic’s Anti-Spyware, PC tools Internet security suite or Bit defender internet security program.. They use the most advanced technologies available to scan your hard drive and intercept dangerous phishing scams before they have a chance to snag you.