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Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs

As if it is not bad enough having insidious spyware programs snake their way onto your hard drive through deceptive means, such as piggy-backing pop-ups and shareware programs, there are a number of illegitimate anti-spyware programs on the market designed specifically to trick you into spending your hard-earned money. Such programs have become known as rogue anti-spyware.

While such programs may not necessarily be designed to be malicious, at least in terms of how they affect your computer, there are a number of rogue anti-spyware programs that actually install harmful spyware onto your computer.

Facets of Rogue Anti-Spyware

Some of these programs are cheap clones of existing, substandard anti-spyware software. These do little to protect your computer, if anything at all. Other rogue anti-spyware programs are designed to be fraudulent and do not even attempt to offer any protection.

These rogue anti-spyware programs will usually offer a free scan of your hard drive. They will report an inordinate number of false positives, usually in an attempt to either scare or trick the user into purchasing their “anti-spyware” software. While these dubious programs may offer a free scan, they will only remove programs from your hard drive after the user has purchased a full license.

Most of these rogue anti-spyware programs provide little, if any, actual protection for your computer, and many of these companies resort to using deceptive or high-pressure sales tactics in order to pressure the user into purchasing the product. Some of these programs are sold through affiliate marketing, creating an environment that encourages vendors to sell by any means necessary.

In order to protect your computer against a spyware invasion, you need to use a reputable product with a proven track record. Get a free trial download version of top anti spyware programs recomended by us.

The Super Rogues

There is a group of rogue anti-spyware software on the market that has earned the designation of “super rogue.” These programs are typically designed to emulate a Windows security center, but in fact are rogue anti-spyware software.

Super rogues have been associated with hijacker software and smitfraud, where a virus infects the hard drive and alters the appearance of the Windows background. Some have referred to it as the “blue screen of death.” After the desktop has been hijacked and altered, the looks of it are then locked so they cannot be changed by the user.

Smitfraud is particularly dangerous to your computer because it can embed itself in the RAM early in the boot process, making it extremely difficult to remove.

Once the computer has been hijacked, the user will receive fake alerts urging him to install associated, fake anti-spyware software.

In order to protect yourself, purchase only reputable anti-spyware software such as XoftSpySE, Spyware Doctor & Adaware 2007.. These programs will easily detect and remove unwanted spyware from your computer. Do not be pressured or fooled into purchasing a false or substandard anti-spyware program. Doing so will not only endanger your computer by leaving it unprotected, but it could be installing the very type of dangerous programming you are trying to prevent.