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The blue screen might as well be a red light. Stop. Your system has crashed and there’s nothing you can do about it. The blue screen or “blue screen of death” as it is unlovingly referred to, is a bright blue screen with white letters informing you, in the most ambiguous terms possible, that your computer is useless for the moment. The blue screen has given thousands of PC users immense amounts of frustration and rage.

At the time, the only option available to you is to restart the computer and pray to your deity of choice that nothing is permanently damaged. The keyboard and mouse become unusable, which makes the blue screen even more frustrating, because now you are unable take your anger out on them. The blue screen on startup or at any other time is an indication that no activity can be performed on your computer and your only possible recourse is the shut down the computer. This will, of course, lose any unsaved information you might have been processing.

The blue screen will also remain very vague on what the problem was exactly, using terms that a typical PC user wouldn’t have the slight bit of knowledge about, let alone those deemed as “technologically impaired”. Although you might not need it – the bright blue screen looks intimidating enough without having to explain to you how bad the situation is.

What causes this dreaded, although festively decorated, blue screen to appear?

A number of problems can lead you to the “blue screen of death,” but all of them involve your PC’s registry.

The registry on your PC is the storage unit of information on your computer. Your PC is constantly referring to the registry to be told how to perform tasks and programs. It is also the place where your PC will go to check the information about the programs and files on your computer. The registry is even the area that receives the most routine use in your computer, from program information to file components to hardware specifications. Think of it as your computer’s “brain”, the place where it goes to receive information and commands. The blue screen is simply a notification that something is wrong with the “brain”.

The registry is the place where everything can go wrong very quickly, leading to the appearance of the blue screen on startup. The information in the registry might be causing trouble due to misplaced or bad information. The bad information can sometimes cause a fatal error.


The misplaced or bad information can easily be fixed either manually or automatically. To do so manually would require intense computer knowledge and the ability to sort the good information from the bad. To do so automatically would be easy and require a a good registry cleaner. Registry Cleaners will sort through the information in your computer’s registry for you, easily sifting through the information that is beneficial to your computer from the information that’s bringing you a blue screen. Registry Cleaners has helped many frustrated computer owners quickly and easily solve their registry problems.