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Cover your tracks - clear your search history!

Do you have something to hide?  Not out in the world - but on the internet?  If you are like most people, then you do not want your most recent search words to be viewed by others.  Perhaps you want to implement privacy control for financial reasons, or you may want your adult site surfing to be kept confidential.  Regardless of what the cause may be, your steps can easily be traced at any time by any user.   

You must know that every time you type into an address bar of a web browser or Google search box, those terms are stored into directories on your computer.  This is why the internet seems to know what you are looking for after typing just one letter.  This could be convenient for you, but absolutely damaging if someone else is not supposed to be aware of the search.   

There could be many reasons why you feel it is time to cleanup your internet history - the main one being exposure.  If you have searched for something private on numerous occasions, search engines like Google will display a drop-down menu filled with the previous terms you have recently browsed.  If this content is not meant for the eyes of your children, spouse, or boss, it is time to make adjustments to your internet browser.   The only way to prevent your internet history from being traced is to delete that information.

Disabling the Internet Explorer Browser Bar

Many users have Google set as their homepage.  Even if you browse the web from that Google search box, the search history that will be displayed is actually stored by your web browser.  To clear your search history in Internet Explorer, simply follow these directions:   

  • Navigate to the “Tools” menu
  • Choose “Internet Options”
  • Now click “Content”
  • Select “Personal Information”
  • Click “AutoComplete”
  • To clear your current search history, click “Clear Forms”

If you simply want to filter out those URLs you spelled wrong that are constantly popping up, you may not want to clear out the entire history.   Maybe you are hiding something, or perhaps you are not.  Possibly, you are looking to get the dirt on someone else.   Whatever the case, your best option would be going with a program designed to safely protect your information – and much more.

We recommend using either the Paretologic privacy controls or the webroot windows washer. These applications will quickly sweep through your computer and permanently delete those questionable search histories.  Its clean interface allows you to customize the process and get rid of exactly what you want.

Theytt only clears search history for the Internet Explorer browser, but also works for Firefox, Netscape, AOL, and Opera, along with Google and Yahoo toolbars.

In the end, it does not matter what you search for on the internet.  It could be your child’s school records or a surprise for your spouse.  As long as the content is legally viewable, you have every right to keep it private.  You certainly have every right over privacy control.  When tampering with your internet browser simply is not enough, seek the aid of quality software that has been proven to work