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Complete Protection Against Pesky Pop-ups

Anyone who has spent even the smallest amount of time on the Internet is familiar with pop-ups. Just when you have the information you need, it is blocked from view by advertising graphics and text. Normally the user only needs to hit the “close” button on the popup to clear it from the screen, but newer, more sophisticated pop-ups involve fake close tabs. Activating the fake close tab can often result in additional pop-ups on the screen, or activate the popup to begin running unauthorized software on your computer.


Many advertisers also utilize what are known as pop-unders, which display advertising text and graphics beneath the web window you are viewing. It does not interfere with the user’s web browsing experience, but they will remain on the screen even after the user closes the web browser. Since pop-unders do not immediately come into view, it is difficult to know which web site generated the ad.

Web Browser Popup Blocking

Most web browsers now have tools that allow the user to block pop-up advertisements. Windows was one of the latest, failing to provide pop-up protection until Windows XP SP2 was released in 2004.

Even with web browser pop-up blockers, some pop-ups can still get through to your computer, leaving it vulnerable to viruses, spyware, and numerous other destructive programs that can threaten your computer and your personal security.

Most web browser pop-up blockers only block JavaScript programs, which is what the original pop-ups were generated with. Many of today’s pop-ups are generated with Adobe Flash, which can pass through the web browser protections undetected.

In order to protect your computer from viruses, and to protect yourself from dangerous spyware programs, you should utilize anti-virus or anti-spyware programs, such as those created by Paretologic, in addition to any browser-based blockers. Using such a program ensures the total protection of your computer, and protects you from the increasing threat of identity theft from spyware programs.

The Danger of Pop-ups

Although innocuous looking, pop-ups have just as much ability to implant harmful programs into your computer, which can alter your computer’s performance, mine your hard drive for important information, or steal your personal identifying information that can later be used for identity theft. Many of these annoying advertisements are not nearly as harmless as they might appear, so using a program designed for pop-up protection is of the utmost importance for your own security.

Necessary Pop-ups

There are many programs out there that rely upon pop-ups to transmit important information to the user. Help pages, order forms, and even web-based software all use legitimate pop-ups. It can become difficult to know which ones to allow through the pop-up blockers, and which ones need to be detected and removed because they pose a threat.

This is yet another reason to use specially designed anti-spyware software, which will detect and remove any dangerous pop-ups and viruses from your computer, before they have a chance to cause any harm. Products such as PC Tools Spyware Doctor, Adaware 2007, Paretologic’s XoftSpySE are designed to detect destructive programs that your own computer’s built in protections cannot.

Web browser protection is not sufficient these days to protect you or your computer from the many technologically advanced – yet deceivingly innocent looking – spyware programs. They can be transmitted quickly and easily to your computer through simple pop-up advertisements. Be sure to take steps to protect your personal identity, your financial information, and the health of your computer by utilizing an advanced anti-spyware detection and removal program, such as Paretologic.