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Protect Yourself – Erasing Your Internet History

The Scenario of Dangerous Cookies:  We have some news that may come as a shock to you.  Cookies are not only bad for your health, but also a threat to your privacy.  This, of course, applies to the technical web term.  Cookies are the files a web browser and website uses to personalize your experience on the internet.   Unfortunately, cookies are not necessarily secure from online prowlers.  This leaves your web surfing patterns, shopping habits, and personal viewing preferences open to young children, intrusive co-workers, and anyone else who may want to sneak a peek at your computer. 

After opening a cookies folder, you will be surprised at all the personal information it actually contains.  You may find web addresses to adult web content, online job boards, retail outlets, and other portals that reveal your internet history.  Thankfully, there is a way to get a handle on your cookies through the settings in Internet Explorer.  Here you can delete cookies and even customize how they are used.

  • Browser Cache - Covering your footsteps on the internet just would not be complete without frequently clearing the cache of your web browser.  The cache will store images and various files from websites you have visited, leaving a lengthy trail of your recent internet history.  Fortunately, the cache can be cleared through the settings of your web browser as well.
  • Address Bar History - Wait, you are not done yet.  All browsers save the history of every URL or web address you have visited.  This is not found in the cache, but the actual browser bar itself.  This makes it easy for any user to trace your steps by typing a few words into the address bar.  Your browser will automatically display the URLs you have previously accessed, believing that you are the one giving the command.  This function too can be managed in the settings of your web browser.  There you can delete a particular URL or an entire week’s worth of your internet browsing history. 
  • Search Engine History - Your quest for privacy protection does not stop there.  Most of your web surfing is liable to take place from a search engine, such as Yahoo or Google.  These services will go as far as displaying several of your most recent searches in a convenient drop box.  Though intended to be helpful on your behalf, this could end up causing more harm if the content you viewed was not meant for sensitive eyes.   

The Ultimate Solution: You now realize that every step taken on the internet can be easily traced back to you.  How can you prevent this history from being revealed?  How do you protect yourself?  Well, you can either take the liberty of manually deleting this content from the settings of your web browser every few days, or travel the easy route with an advanced software program.

There are many specialized programs available that add simplicity to cleansing internet history and protecting your personal data.  ParetoLogic Privacy Controls 2.0 & Webroot Windows Washer. is a highly effective software program that works quickly, while giving you quality results.  Instead of clearing a portion of the files, ParetoLogic Privacy Controls 2.0 & Webroot Windows Washer shreds every bit of confidential information, ranging from cookies to your search history on Google.  This program is a great tool for privacy control and cleaning the scattered fragments from the registry of your computer. 

Give yourself a piece mind by knowing your information is private and secure.  Download this highly effective program free of charge today