Quick PC Solutions FAQ's

Need a question answered?  Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our products and services.  If you have a question not listed on this page, feel free to email us at webmaster@quickpcsolutions.org.

Does QuickPC solutions own or develop the software products?
No, We are just affiliated with top software companies and we research and recommend their use to use.

Are the Software Products Free?
No, You can get a free trial download for most of them to evaluate your needs. A fully functional version requires a license and purchase of the product.

What is a registry?  Why is it important?
A registry is a computer system's main database for storing important system data, such as desktop preferences or software configuration.  This is exclusive to Microsoft Windows, first utilized with Windows 95.  Every action is recorded and stored here, making this the most vital part of your computer.  If it is damaged, your computer slows down, crashes, or shuts down completely.  This is why it is vital to maintain a good-working registry.

What is a registry cleaner?
A registry cleaner is a program that safely analyzes data in the registry.  After analyzation, it safely cleans out any bad data, allowing it to run more smoothly.  Quality cleaners also clean out invalid or useless data in the computer, preventing it from becoming more infected.

How do I know if my computer needs a registry cleaner?
There are five tell-tale signs of a corrupted registry:

  • Your computer responds slower in general. 
  • You experience occasional or frequent system errors. 
  • Computer start-up is slower than usual.
  • The system experiences occasional (or sometimes frequent) crashes.
  • Your computer frequently freezes while doing normal activity, such as surfing the Internet.

If you experience any of these signs, it is corrupted.  You can fix these problems by running a registry cleaner, such as RegCure, Registry Mechanic or Registry Booster.

What exactly does Registry Cleaners do?
Registry cleaners cleans your registry for optimum performance.  It analyzes registry information, checks for errors, and removes any erroneous material.  It also checks your computer for free data fragments and removes it.  This safeguards your computer from decay and vulnerability from viruses and spyware. 

How to use?
Simply download the recommended registry cleaners from our site.  Run the file to install it.  Once installed, you can analyze data with a click of the button.  It will tell you if anything is damaged, how much it is damaged, and can remove the dangerous material for you.

How much should I use a Registry Cleaner?
Use it immediately after installation.  Afterward, regularly scan your computer every 6 months or so.  Sometimes errors can pop up before this period, so if you notice any problems before this period, re-scan to find the cause of it.

Are Registry Cleaners free?
They are free to try out.  This way you can test it to see how RegCure really performs for you.

Why do registry cleaners make computers faster?
In case you are not aware, every computer is dependent on a registry to complete simple tasks.  If it is damaged, the performance falters.  By regularly cleaning it with a registry cleaner, you increase your computer's performance.

Does Registry Cleaners protect against viruses and malware?
No, only anti-virus and anti-spyware applications can remove viruses and malware.  However, you should run them immediately after removing viruses and malware.  RegCure completely removes damage it accrues to the registry, making your computer safe and virus-free.  If not, viruses (and virus damage) can linger, making your computer unsafe to use.