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A common problem today for millions of PC users is Active X errors. One situation, for example, is that you download the newest version of a video game on a trial basis.  The program worked so well that you decided to purchase it.  You were marveled by the astonishing graphics, completely taken back by this real life simulation.  After about a month or so you notice a change in the software.  Your graphics may appear distorted or sometimes they may not work at all.  Perhaps you cannot even operate the game any longer.  In most instances the computer will notify you that this is the result of an Active X error.


Active X is a popular script that is used in graphic and object heavy web software.  This revolutionary form of technology was created by Microsoft and  is specifically customized for the Windows operating system.  Active X is essentially what holds a web page together, the system of block building.  Active X has mostly commonly been used to help develop Internet Explorer and several other applications provided by Windows.  Its components are able to be reused, and assist with the creating of applications and add-ons that can be utilized by many other programmers. 


The frequent use of Active X has been known to create errors.  So many scripts have been modified by so many developers that they are no longer recognized by certain browsers.  This negatively affects the user with constant denials and failed permissions.  

There are a few factors that may contribute to Active X errors.  This is normally due to configuration problems within the browser settings.  These errors have the power to cripple your entire PC, and cause significant damage.  Active X errors can easily destroy your operating system and the pertinent data stored in it.  In some cases this issue is resolved by changing your security levels in the settings of the Internet Explorer browser.  You can completely reset these configurations by accessing the ‘start menu’, clicking the ‘run’ tab then typing in ‘regsvr.dll’.

Other common errors that cause Active X corruptions include:

  • The constant installation and un-installation of applications
  • Incomplete applications that did not install or uninstall completely
  • Drivers which are unused for long periods of time or those that have been corrupted
  • Infectious viruses and spyware
  • Visiting of malicious internet websites.


Frequent Active X issues ultimately stem from an ill registry.  This indicates that there are damaged items stored in the central area of your computer.  While there is a small possibility of correcting Active X through your Internet Browser settings, there is an even greater chance that the problem will persist and eventually get worse.  Why take the risk of tampering with sensitive and complicated .dll files that could cause more harm than good?  Why put your system at the risk of serious damage?  These errors are enough to puzzle the most seasoned computer tech. 


Registry Cleaners use advanced technology, giving you the ability to scan your system for Active X corruptions and other items that may be effecting performance.  This process can be done with a simple click.  Those harmful files are then displayed and are now at your complete disposal.  RegCure allows you to automatically configure this option to find and eliminate your Active X errors with quickness and ease.