June 6th, 08

Banking giant ING looks for better online security to protect customer transactions.

May 26th, 08

Half A Million Computer Users Duped Into Downloading Spyware With Booby-Trapped Music & Movie Files

May 8th, 08

Internet provider admits installing spyware on customers' computers.

May 1st, 08

System Doctor creator Ron Cooke faces charges.


Just like a car or the human body, a computer cannot run efficiently without proper care.  Unfortunately, most people do not consider the computer to be a vital part and they run into problems such as viruses, intrusive spyware, or attacks from malicious hackers.  Not protecting a computer also decreases its life expectancy, resulting in costly repairs, a malfunctioning PC, and even unexpected death. 

This is why protecting your PC, either through registry cleanup, Anti-Spyware, Anti Virus, Spam Filter etc increases the performance and life of your computer.

Maybe you are the parent of a Myspace child.  Perhaps you are a business professional, or someone who loves playing games on the internet.  You might use your computer for organizing sensitive financial information, such as bank account information.  No matter how you use it, each activity steadily exposes your risk & decreases the performance and safety of your computer. 

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