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Stop Insidious Keyloggers Dead in Their Tracks

Keyloggers are one of the most dangerous forms of spyware out there. Originally developed with many useful functions in mind, computer hackers can use keylogging detection to steal bank account numbers, passwords, and a variety of other personal information.

Useful Keystroke Loggers

Many companies utilize keystroke loggers installed in the keyboard or attached to the keyboard cable to measure employee productivity. Keylogging can be used by programmers to detect the sources of problems within computer systems, and law enforcement uses key logging in espionage and other surveillance programs.

Many keystroke loggers are installed directly on the host computer, and many of these types of programs are virtually undetectable. Software-based keystroke loggers are monitored from a remote location and transmit recorded keystroke activity away from the originating computer. There are essentially three ways in which a remote keylogger can access your keystroke information:

  • The data is uploaded onto a website designated by the keystroke monitor. He can then log into the website to review stolen keystroke data from your computer.
  • The information can be relayed to a designated e-mail address at prescribed intervals.
  • The information is stored on your own hard drive, and the keystroke monitor is able to periodically log into and access your computer to receive the information.

Dangerous Applications of Keystroke Loggers
There are many other types of keystroke detection programs in addition to these. While many do have legitimate purposes, the use of keystroke logging is quickly becoming a means by which to commit a variety of computer-based crimes.
Identity theft is a growing problem worldwide, and with so much business being conducted electronically via the World Wide Web, the threat of having your name, address, phone number, social security number, date of birth, and other identifying information stolen is a serious threat.
In addition, keystroke loggers are using detection software to steal bank account and credit card account numbers, passwords, pins, and so forth, then are using the information to make purchases from those accounts or to steal money out of the accounts.
Personal espionage is another way in which keystroke loggers are being used. They detect every web site you visit, every message you send, and every transaction you make. In this day and age of high-stakes divorce cases, many private investigators are relying on illicitly obtained information for personal use.
Protecting Yourself from Keyloggers
Basic anti-spyware software may provide some protection from keystroke loggers, but studies have shown the protection is generally insufficient. There are many keylogging software programs that can slip past these standard anti-virus devices.
In order to gain full protection, you need to use a state-of-the-art anti-spyware program specifically designed to protect you from keylogger or trackware viruses. Paretologic’s powerful program, XoftSpySE is designed to do just that. In a matter of mere minutes, Paretologic’s program will scan your hard drive, detect any harmful viruses or spyware, and eliminate them. Your computer will almost instantly be restored to optimal functionality while your own personal protection will be preserved.
One cannot underestimate the power or danger associated with keylogging viruses. To protect your finances and your personal information you must utilize a spyware detection and removal system that includes the ability to destroy keyloggers. Paretologic has just the tools you need to ensure your protection.