June 6th, 08

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Banking Giant ING Looks For Better Online Security to Protect Customer Transactions

Identity theft is a major problem when it comes to online banking and other personal transactions, such as online shopping. Therefore, banking giant ING Direct USA is partnering with Trusteer to provide a free download for ING online banking customers to protect their personal data. Not many banks have taken this type of initiative to protect customer data, and many people that have previously used or are currently using online banking websites have fallen victim to phishing scams and vicious malware that is designed to steal their data.

The free download, Trusteer Rapport, effectively builds a secure connection that exists between the banking website and the customer’s computer. Each banking transaction that is completed using this software is essentially processed inside a secure tunnel which makes it nearly impossible for hackers to penetrate with keystroke logging software or other types of information hijacking. ING Direct USA online banking customers can feel secure when completing their bank transactions, because even if their own systems are compromised with other types of spyware or malware, the Trusteer Rapport download will protect them.

As an added benefit, the software download provided by Trusteer and ING can prevent the user from being redirected to a spoof site where they would enter their banking user name and password thinking it was the ING website. The download offers a three-layer protection strategy: a layer to prevent malware from accessing the operating system, a layer that encrypts all communications, and a layer which authenticates the website being accessed. Trusteer notes that the software is extremely quick and easy to download and that a computer user will not even notice it is there. The program runs in the background and is initiated each time the ING online banking website is accessed. Trusteer continues to recommend that computer users take the time to protect their own systems with spyware protection software, however.

The online banking environment is improving, and this step taken by ING Direct USA is a good start. Previously, banks did not want the hassle of dealing with their customer’s computer maintenance of protection software, or the responsibility of troubleshooting problems if customers encountered problems. The rise in online fraud and identity theft however, is calling for heightened security measures.

It is only a matter of time until other banks and e-commerce websites follow suit and offer their own security downloads. As hackers become more and more technologically savvy, they will continue to come up with ways to steal information from unsuspecting people via the internet. The new technology provided to ING Direct USA from Trusteer is being watched and monitored closely to ensure that it is truly serving its purpose and because they are an innovator in this sector, it is likely that the results will help other banks decide whether or not it is worth it to provide something similar to their own customers. Fortunately, the world of online banking seems to be moving in the right direction.