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New Phishing Scam targets Paypal users.

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New Phishing Scam Targets PayPal Users

Warning, PayPal users: there is a new phishing scam targeting your bank account.

In the past, PayPal users have been victimized from previous phishing scams, asking PayPal users to log in to update their account information.  That site linked to a phishing scam site, and scam artists would use that information to gain access to bank accounts.  Thousands of users lost their accounts – and critical bank information – through this scam.

Now scam artists are sending out emails claiming to be PayPal Security Center.  Unlike previous scams, these emails don't ask people to update their account information.  Instead, they ask users to log in to review a security message sent by their department.  From there, users are required to input their username and password.  The scam artists then take that information to log into the user's account, stealing money and personal bank information.

This scam is particularly dangerous because this scam is not heavily publicized.  In the past, news outlets have covered PayPal scams, warning users to never click on any email telling them to update their personal information.  This new scam weaves around that.  Instead, it asks the user to simply log into their account.  All the user needs to do is enter in his username and password – the scam artists do the rest of the work.  They only need those two bits of data to hijack their account and gain personal financial information.  This is an extremely devastating scam, and thousands more are being victimized each and every day.

You can avoid these scams by following tips provided by

PayPal's Advice on Avoiding These Scams
PayPal is very adamant on fighting phishing scams, even offering a step-by-step guide on how to avoid it.  They currently request users forward phishing emails to  In addition, PayPal offers these recommendations:

  • Never click on a email requesting you to enter personal information.  This includes emails requesting updating personal information, emails threatening to cancel your account if you do not log in, or emails requesting you to log in to view important account details.  PayPal normally does not email users regarding this, and never sends emails asking users to update information or risk having their account deleted.  If you do click on this email and enter in your information, contact PayPal immediately.
  • Never log into a site other than  The https is crucial, since it designates it a secure site.  You should see a security lock next to the url.  Only log into PayPal through this secure web page.
  • Never click on an email claiming to be PayPal with a different email address.  All PayPal correspondences come from  If the email address varies from this, this is a phishing email.
  • Read PayPal's extensive phishing guide to learn how to avoid all types of phishing scams.  Their phishing guide includes general tips, specific information, and examples of phishin

Follow these tips to keep yourself protected from the next phishing scam.  The key to protecting yourself from these scams is by keeping informed and educated about these risks.