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Softpedia, a trusted online resource, has thoroughly tested ParetoLogic Software and found it to be completely clean of any malware. As it was found to be absolutely clean, it can be installed without any concern by users, Softpedia says.

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" Thank you !. On a fairly new computer, i found 417 errors. RegCure fixed all errors and my PC is as new as the day i bought it" - Josh, Florida, USA

" It speeds up your PC. Very intuitive and easy to use software " - Sandra, UK

" If you are not a MAC user and a windows operating system fan, REG CURE is a must have software to fix constant windows errors"
- Martha, Australia

" Its been a week since i last the ran the full scan and my computer is operating like a breeze. Very impressive" -
Dan, California.

Optimize your PC Performance with a Registry cleaner.

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In just 2 minutes you can clean, repair and optimize your pc. 100% Guaranteed.


Unknown to most, every little thing you do on a computer takes a tremendous toll.  This includes the constant installing and removing of programs, storing your music or spending time on the internet.  These activities leave scattered file fragments in your registry, even when you think they have been removed by performing a full uninstall.  As time elapses the performance of your computer suffers.  You will find yourself the victim of constant freezing, Internet Explorer messages or even the fearful blue screen. 

A malicious virus will certainly affect computer performance.  These system infections are relative to the biological form in the way they pass from one unit to the next.  Viruses are very similar to spyware programs.   Viruses will litter your computer screen with pop-up ads, collect your private information or change the configuration settings of your system.  Both viruses and spyware are very hazardous and are sure to have a devastating effect the performance of your computer.


If your computer has been giving you slow and sluggish behavior, it is certainly time to optimize.  By doing this you can maintain performance and keep it running like new.  Here a few ways this may be performed:

  • Remove unused programs: You can begin to optimize your computer by removing programs of no current relevance. Let’s just say your PC came equipped with a chess game.  Later you find one on the internet and decide to use that instead.  While getting enjoyment from your new program the old one remains on your system taking up space.  It is more efficient to remove the old, unused program to clear up your hard drive.
  • Perform frequent disk cleanup:   The ‘disk cleanup’ function can be used through the ‘My Computer’ icon.  By performing this action you can compress old system files, clear temporary internet files and those you may have left sitting in the recycle bin.  By enabling this simple function you can free up a few gigabytes worth of space on the hard drive.  I recommend doing this at least two times per month. 
  • Registry scanning software: This is perhaps the best method of optimizing your computer.  Quality programs such as RegCure, Registry Mechanic & Registry Booster take an advanced approach towards maintaining performance.  They allow you to conduct a quick and easy scan of your systems registry. Thereafter, it analyzes and performs the complicated repairs for you.  They are fast and affordable, putting you one step closer towards fully optimizing your PC. 

It does not matter if you paid an arm and a leg for your computer; in due time you are liable to experience performance issues.  Following these tips is a great way to optimize your unit and keep things flowing smoothly.

Please check out our Registry Cleaner Software- Products comparison chart to compare features, benefits and prices. This side by side comparison should help you make an informed decision.