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Computer Not Responding & Freezing?

We all love our PC.  From day one we treat it like a treasured jewel.  We act as its protector, giving limited access to the kids or anyone else who may falter its perfection.  As time elapses we become a little more care free.  The computer is beneficial for your kids in the way of school work, so you lighten up on them.  In no time it becomes the family PC.  The computer is running more often and collecting more photos, mp3 files and software.

Now you take a seat in front of the family computer.  In the midst of an important project you observe performance issues.  The PC is freezing, dragging on like an ancient piece of equipment.  The freezing of your computer is a sign that something is terribly wrong.  You need to take serious action in order to keep it safe and restore it to the prime performance of the past.


- Take note of the power supply you are using: Always use a surge secured power strip instead of an extension cord.  Though a PC is equipped with a built in electrical transformer, it is capable of being bypassed by current which can fry the system.  From there the components of your computer are overloaded and the madness ensues.  Using the proper power supply is an easy way to protect your computer. 

- Take note of internet usage: Many users with the luxury of high speed internet are prone to freezing issues.  The sign on process is quick or often avoided with the use of Internet Explorer.  At times you may not even realize that you are connected.  As your computer runs it is collecting a substantial amount of temporary internet files that are liable to induce freezing.  This also makes you a prime target of hackers and spammers.  By leaving on the internet, you are exposing yourself to more spyware, annoying pop-ups and malicious trojans.  Try turning off your modem whenever it is not being used.  Advanced hackers are even able to penetrate the system and gain access to your entire hard drive.  Restarting the modem every time may be somewhat of a hassle but is certainly worthy in comparison to hackers, freezing and other complications.

- Use a good registry cleaner: The most efficient tool to combat freezing is a registry cleaner.  The registry of your system is where all the critical information is stored.  This area sends out the commands to operate devices and all programs on your computer.  A robust and well respected utility such as RegCure will eliminate the troubles of manually trying to clean your PC.

Registry cleaning software is a sound method of defense for your PC.  These programs scan the files of your system, point out critical errors then instantly repair them.  RegCure, Registry Booster & Registry Mechanic are one such tool that can be downloaded for free.  This program effectively stops constant freezing, crashes, Internet Explore complications and many other errors. 

Experiencing a computer freeze is no fun for anyone.  If this problem happens once, it’s bound to happen again.  You can protect your PC by following these tips and getting your hands on a reliable registry cleaner.