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Retrieve Deleted Files, Photos, Music, Videos and Lost Emails

In the late 80's and early 90's, computers were primarily used for business purposes.  Today, they have become a part of everyday life for most of us, be it work or play.  The popularity of computers has resulted in paper free operations in many offices around the world, as emails and documents in data files are predominant.  For this very reason, it is a must that computer users implement a dependable backup recovery system for both professional and personal needs. 

How to resurrect your deleted files

Computer files and various forms of data are deleted or damaged for numerous reasons.  Many times, the deletion is done accidently.  Someone with little knowledge of the procedure can actually cause more harm than good when attempting to recover deleted files or lost data on their own. 

Before probing deep into the system, your first approach should always be to check within your Recycle Bin to see if the missing file is there.  On many occasions, you will be able to restore lost files from your Recycle Bill, a process known as un-deleting.  If the file has been visibly erased from the computer, or the Recycle Bin has been emptied, you may actually need professional help to salvage this important data.

Reviving your lost emails

Lost emails have become a common problem for many internet users as well.  These messages are not stored separately as individual files, but as separate folders in a mail server such as Outlook Express or similar applications.  This means that recovering emails may require different methods than those used to restore typical files.  Since many email servers have options that allow a user to completely clear the contents of a trash folder, the lost messages you seek may not be easily found there. 

In the event that you were a bit too free with the mouse and mistakenly deleted a few important files or emails, rest assured that all hope is not lost.  A smart option for protecting and restoring data is to backup that information on a secondary drive or alternate computer.  You can also save data on writable CD or DVD media that have decent storage capacities.  Then there are several portable devices that act as hard disks, such as flash drives.  These are all great alternatives when you need more storage space, and they are certainly more affordable than purchasing a brand new computer.        

How to recover your data – when it is too late

If you do not perform frequent manual backups of your data by computer or removable media, there are still other options that can be used to restore and protect your information.  There are several programs available on the market specifically designed to handle data recovery.  Some are free and limited in capability, while others are worth every penny and will pay for themselves in the long run. 

For example, ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro, File Recover form PC Tools and Stellar Phoenix's products are unique programs that specializes in recovering lost email messages, attachments, files, and much more.  This software was designed to bring back your email, along with a variety other files on your computer that have been damaged or accidently deleted. 

When seeking the right program to protect and restore your important information, it is best to find one that can be downloaded for a free trial.  With a free trial, you can sample the product, become familiar with the interface, and learn if the software truly meets your needs.