Spyware Doctor

SPYWARE DOCTOR 5.5 by Pc Tools


Minimum System Requirements:

-Windows Vista, 2000, or XP

- 266 Mhz processor

- 20 MB hard drive space

- 64 MB RAM

- Supports Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox and AOL

PC Tools Spyware Doctor

Award-winning spyware protection to secure your PC against privacy and tracking threats. Spyware Doctor is a top-rated malware & spyware removal utility that detects, removes and protects your PC from thousands of potential spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, spybots and tracking threats.


Comprehensive Malware Protection: Spyware Doctor provides protection against identity theft, stealthy spyware, aggressive adware, browser hijackers, malicious ActiveX objects, malware Trojans, tracking cookies, keyloggers, dialers, and other malware

.Constant Real-time Protection: Through its unique OnGuard feature Spyware Doctor provides constant protection against malware. OnGuard works by blocking both known and unknown malware threats before they can install and cause any harm to a computer

Advanced Detection and Removal Technology :By running an Intelli-Scan™, Full Scan or Custom Scan, Spyware Doctor will inspect the computer for all types of spyware and virus1 infections. Spyware Doctor is top rated by industry experts as being extremely effective in removing particularly nefarious threats such as rootkits and keyloggers2.

Advanced Rootkit Detection: Spyware Doctor is capable of detecting and removing hidden processes and files associated with complex threats and rootkits.

Most internationally awarded anti-spyware product: Spyware Doctor is consistently awarded editors choice and top rating by numerous internationally recognized and respected industry publications, making Spyware Doctor the most internationally awarded anti-spyware product.

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