Most of the windows registry problems are related to missing keys, corrupted keys or trash keys. Trash keys are the one that still exist in the registry but the software related to them are already uninstalled or deleted from the system.

Problems like:

  1. Incorrect uninstall information

These problems are observed when we want to uninstall software from the computer but we are unable to track the location of the installed software.

  1. Incorrect Application Path

These problems are observed when we want to run the installed software but the system still searches from the installed location and the executable file location.

Causes of Windows Registry Errors

It is the habit of the user that causes the windows registry problems. These habit include installation and uninstallation of the software on the system, deletion of the startup programs, update the hardware and keep the old drivers along with the new drivers for the updated hardware, deleting the software manually without running the uninstallation program accompanied with the software, etc.

Symptoms of Corrupt Windows Registry

Yes there are some indications observed when there are problems with the windows registry. These indications are

  1. The system speed slows down than usual.
  2. The system restarts automatically.
  3. The system starts to hang occasionally.
  4. The system crashes occasionally. 

So, as we discussed there are lot of problems caused windows registry if there is incorrect key information.

Now, the biggest question, Is there anything that can be done to stay away from these problems and the answer is YES.

RegCure is the only answer to these problems. Its scans entire registry and finds all the problems existing in the windows registry and intelligently identifies faulty keys and repairs them and removes the unwanted keys to keep your system healthy all the time.