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Windows Vista Registry Errors

You have decided to upgrade your operating system, and for most the choice is Windows Vista.  Intrigued by the amazing features, you are more than anxious to get up and running with this advanced new system.  While Windows Vista has many advantages over previous operating systems, there is a strong possibility that you will run across some common errors.  Doing your usage, here are a few errors you may regularly encounter:

  • Errors caused by failed and incomplete installations
  • Errors caused by unused or disabled drivers
  • Errors caused by hardware devices
  • Errors caused by spyware and other intrusive viruses

The registry is the central command station of your Windows Vista operating system. This vast database is essentially responsible for storing configurations of relative programs, hardware files and all major components on your computer.  Like previous versions of Windows, Vista requires that all activities conducted on your PC be executed through the registry.

Overtime your registry will expand and contract a number of huge files.  Eventually it will become clustered with irrelevant and unwanted files, along with corrupt information that can be harmful to the registry.  This in turn has a direct effect on your Windows Vista system.  A plagued registry is capable of many bothersome errors, including constant freeze ups and unexpected shutdowns. 

Let’s first analyze the basic element of a Windows Vista operating system and then discuss a few options that will help keep your registry stay clean and clear of errors.    


Windows Vista is the latest technology designed by Microsoft to enhance the windows operating system.  Its registry is rather massive and complex to understand for the novice user and advanced user alike.  This database is composed of well over 15,000 keys and more than 35,000 values.  Here are the basic functions of those keys. 

  • - Compose data that relates to files, extensions, specific classes and URL protocol
  • - Compose configuration for information that relates to users currently operating the computer
  • - Store all data related to the software and hardware devices on the computer
  • - Store all data related to all user profiles on the computer
  • - Compose data related to currently installed hardware


Keeping your registry free of errors and complications is a top priority.  This can be done by performing routine maintenance of the registry.  While a task such as this can be performed manually by the user, this is not recommended.  The Windows Vista registry can be so complex, making adjustments within it can possibly bring more agonizing errors into your life.  Registry Cleaners are a great way to keep Windows Vista running smoothly and effectively. 


Since the damaging of your computer is liable to occur at the most inopportune moment, it is very wise to frequently create backups of the files stored in your registry.  This is something you should do when programs are installed or removed from Windows Vista, or when other configurations have been made within the system.  You can perform this function with ease through the management area of your preferred registry software. 

By following a few simple tips your Windows Vista can be optimized to perform at its best.  When your system remains healthy it assures you that the PC will stand through the test of time and extreme usage.  Conducting frequent scans of your registry is the best method of defense against critical Vista errors.