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Errors Related to Windows XP Registry

When Windows XP came out, it was intended to be the next step into the future. It took the problems and design flaws of Windows 2000 and Windows Me, and improved upon them, creating a better, more efficient operating system. And, for the most part PC users which had Windows XP installed on their system were pleased. So then, why are there so many errors on it now?

For instance, it seems like the older a computer gets the more slowdown it experiences. Why is this? The hardware in the computer does get any worse as time goes by, so why will it take several minutes for a program to run or an application to start? You defrag your hard drive every so often, have an adequate virus protection program and check your computer for spyware as often as possible. So what gives?

The Truth about Windows XP Errors

Some situations cause the inability of a .dll to work. .dll’s are some of the most important files in one’s PC and without certain .dll’s, the PC will fail to work properly or even work at all. This can even cause the dreaded runtime errors, which will crash whatever program they are attached to.

You might even be experiencing some shutdown and startup issues. Is it taking five minutes or more for your computer to startup? Or worse, will it never shut down? Problems like these are common faire within the PC world, sadly. And most people just accept that things are the way they are and are, unaware of the ways to fix them.

Most of a PC’s problems originate in one place – the registry. The registry inside a computer is the software component that dictates how the rest of the computer can run. Programs within the operating system and without rely on the computer’s registry for information on how to run. The registry also controls the basic functions of Windows XP. Without the registry working in proper condition, many and various computer errors can occur within Windows XP. Just a small error within the registry will create a larger error later on, and the worst part is, you won’t even be aware of where the error came from.

The registry is also the most confusing and complicated place. Your average computer user, or even many advanced computer users for that matter, would be unable to go into the registry and figure out which programs and files are good and which are bad. It would take a trained professional with years of experience to even think about going in there to fix things. In regards to this, Trojans and viruses typically target areas within the registry, knowing that it is so hard to fix, most people will be unable to correct the problem. Sometimes the registry is damaged even without malicious intent. All it takes is an improper installation or a poorly coded file to be placed in the registry for things to start falling apart.

Registry Cleaners as a solution !

A robust and sophisticated Registry optimization software program is the best way to deal with problems relating to the registry. Trained professionals are far too expensive and inefficient. While a program can check your computer’s registry and fix it at any time you want.